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  • Apron And Glove Rack With Two Glove Holders
    Apron And Glove Rack With Two Glove Holders
    Designed for one apron, but will hold more. All steel, heavy duty construction. 16" & 24" mounting holes match most wall studs. 2 Glove holders mounted onto back panel. 28 1⁄2" long x 1 3/4" diameter bar...
  • Economy Protective Mittens
    Economy Protective Mittens
    Flexible for grasping and holding. Soft-touch neutral on the palm side and you choose the top color. 0.5mm Pb equivalency. .5mm LeadSeveral colors to choose from...
  • Economy Radiation Attenuating Gloves
    Economy Radiation Attenuating Gloves
    Features thin fingertips provide enhanced tactile sensitivity. • Soft powder-free finish creates a smooth interior which reduces skin irritation. • Anatomically correct curved fingers reduce hand fatigue. • Attenuates up to...
  • Finger-Guard
    Finger-Guard offers sterile hand protection from secondary radiation. SKU Description Measurement PLF Lead-Free, Powder-Free, Latex-Free .18mm PFC Lead-Free,...
  • Glove Adapter
    Glove Adapter
    Retrofits to Mobile Rack. Mounted on 16" centers. Holds six 18" gloves. 
  • Gloves
    The one piece molded design contains a soft urethane exterior. Covers remove easily to inspect the protective qualities of the leaded core. All models feature a breathable nylon liner for comfort. Blue vinyl. 0.50mm...
  • 5-Finger Glove - Hand-Guard
    Hand-Guard: 5-Finger Glove
    Seamless Lead Vinyl Radiation Protection Gloves. Five fingered protection for full dexterity.Durable lead vinyl dipped gloves have a soft and supple navy vinyl covering (15") with 0.5mm Pb equivalency. Dip-molded core...
  • Molded Gloves
    Molded Gloves
    Seamless lead vinyl gloves are available in three sizes, all 15” in length. These gloves have no liner or cover, but they are an economical choice. Since they are completely washable, they can be rinsed inside and out. 0...
  • Palm-Guard
    Provides hand protection with option of exposing fingers for dexterity. Durable, soft navy vinyl covering (15”). 0.5 mm Pb equivalence dip-molded core...
  • Radiation Attenuating Gloves
    Radiation Attenuating Gloves
    These gloves offer the best protection with the greatest dexterity, sensitivity and comfort. Ideal for all high exposure procedures, they may be sterilized with ethylene oxide or Sterrad® up to three times before...