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Above: Dr. Tim Emery, DVM of Vista Falls Veterinary Hospital, North Carolina 

"Paul has been my x-ray man for 36 years now.  He has always had my practice's best interest at heart." ~ H.G. Mark Strauss, DVM, Foothills Pet Wellness

"Moving my veterinary clinic from one site to another is very stressful  The moving of my x-ray machine by Paul Chinery went so smoothly.  It has been the only thing in my move that has gone smoothly!  I would recommend Paul to anyone lookin to move their x-ray equipment." ~ Denise Kalliainen, DVM, Gulf Coast Veterinary Clinic

"They [BRX] solved a problem another vendor caused me.  They got right on it and completed every detail in a professional and timely manner." ~ New Prospect Vet Hospital

"Great service, quick installation, wonderful machine!  Our clients and staff are blown away by the quality of the images and we are thrilled about the improvement for diagnostic purposes! Highly recommend!" ~ Christi Standridge, CS Vet Services

"The staff has been very helpful and responsive to make sure our x-ray equipment was working correctly after relocation." ~ Birmingham Vet Int Medicine

"Blue Ridge X-Ray provided us a quality product at a competitive price and the installation was seamless.  Great people to work with!" ~ Dr. Brenda Ingles, Mill Creek Animal Hospital

"From the first call to the final install, the experience was fantastic!"
~ Dave Anderson, Companion Animal Hospital

"Excellent service.  Very quick response to our problem.  Replaced our x-ray components and upgraded our system.  We were back in business fast and at a good price."
~ Dr. Robert Ingram, Animal Clinic of Bellshire

"Blue Ridge X-Ray is a fantastic company.  We are pleased with every experience we have with them for both our digital x-ray unit, as well as, our new dental x-ray unit."
~ Dr. Kelsi Alexander, New Georgia Animal Hospital

"Our service has always been prompt and handled very professionally." ~ Martin Veterinary Services

"I am pleased with the service I have received from Blue Ridge X-Ray.  Paul and Andy were both professional and helpful with the installation of my retrofitted digital x-ray unit.  Thank you and I look forward to working with [Blue Ridge X-Ray] moving forward."
~ Dr. David Hardy, Family Pet Medicine

"My experience with Blue Ridge was seamless, as always.  Bill Slaughter is so attentive and thorough and always available.  I would recommend their services."
~ Jennifer Wood, Hospital Manager - Oldtown Veterinary Hospital 

"Thank you for making a stressful situation (the need for a new x-ray machine) an absolutely great experience.  We are very happy with Blue Ridge X-Ray!"
Dr. Julia Partin, Hickory Flat Animal Hospital

"I can and will highly recommend Blue Ridge X-Ray."
~ John Grider, DVM - The Pet Clinic

"We were looking to transition to digital x-ray.  Blue Ridge was very helpful in getting us setup with what would work well for our needs.  Installation and training was quick and understandable.  Love our new tool and the pictures it takes."
~ Michael D. Shavers, DVM, Mountaintop Animal Clinic

"[Blue Ridge X-Ray] has amazing customer service, [was] informative and very professional.  Would highly recommend their products!  Quality [and] exceptional radiographs."
~ Yanelly Loor, Practice Manager, Edgewater Pet Clinic

"After 37 years of reading films we switched to DR Digital.  Went with Blue Ridge X-Ray because of a great long-term business relationship and they know both the unit and the software.  I will have one phone call to make if a problem arises.  Why did we wait so long?"
~ Rodger Kleisch, DVM , Forest Oaks Animal Hospital

"We are very pleased with our entire experience with Blue Ridge X-Ray.  The pelple have been outstanding to work with. Thank you."
~ Dr. Steve Foster, Foster Animal Hospital

"Great salesman [and] very personable.  We are very happy with everything."
~ Poplar Springs Animal Hospital

"Blue Ridge has given us a great experience in the transition from traditional to digital x-rays."
~ Kelli Hock, Office Manager Old Troy Pike Veterinary Clinic

"Excellent service."
~ Shane Boylan, DVM, South Carolina Aquariam

"Marcial and Paul were so fabulous when I bought my digital x-ray unit 2 years ago,  I didnt even contemplate buying my digital dental unit from anyone else this year."
~ Joi Sutton, DVM, Tequesta Veterinary Clinic

"Installation and operation were fast, easy and efficient.  No complaints."
~ Todd R. Burnett, DVM, Brentwood Animal Hospital

"Six days before the CR system was to be installed, the main x-ray system went out.  Blue Ridge was extremely helpful in making an informed decision and timely installation of a new gerennator in time to keep the scheduled installation for the CR system."
~ Dr. Richard Haggerty, Deep River Vet

"Great Table.  Very easy to use.  Company's customer service is outstanding."
~ Dana  Cress, Sharon Lakes Animal Hospital

"The Professionals at Blue Ridge X-Ray were great.  They accomodated our schedule and moved our x-ray machine with great care."
~ Sandra Black, Sylva Animal Hospital

"Paul E. and his expert team from Blue Ridge made the switch from our 'Dinosaur' Transworld to the 21st Century not only seem less [stressful] but totally a pleasure.  Thanks Blue Ridge, Paul and Team!"
~ Dr. Jan Sallas Crowe, Creekside Vet Clinic

"Great product, great service.  Can't believe I waited this long to [upgrade]." ~ Anonymous

"Installation went very smoothly. Ease of use is amazing. Quality of pictures and tools to view are beyound my expectations."
~ Lake Osborne Animal Clinic

"Excellent service. Friendly, knowledgeable staff."
~ Dr. Dan Nordland, Yadkin Park Animal Hospital

"I have always used plain film radiography in my practice. Recently, my processor broke down and I was not able to get it fix because it was obsolete. Radiographic processor technicians were not easily available, so I decided to look into digital radiography. The pricing was a shock initially until I had run across Blue Ridge X-ray Company. I was in disbelief about the cost! I can get a machine for less than $45,000! Ok, so I contacted the company and Mr. Aaron Pressley (The Rep) was so prompt in coming out for the introductions.

Mr. Pressley was able to sell/remove all equipment, dispose of the chemicals and old films. The new system was installed expeditiously as to not lose any business too. Now, we are able to save so much time taking x-rays, it is like day and night. The animals are not being stressed, the client is getting more of a detailed image, the team is excited to do the x-ray and we can send home a more compact image (CD) of the pet. Also, Businesses with a paperless practice management system can upload the images to your patient’s file. As for the pricing, All in all, it was the best decision I have made this year!"
~ Dr. Regina Hyde-Nance, South Fulton Pet Care

"Blue Ridge X-Ray was very easy to work with. Responded to emails in a prompt manner and installed machine in a very timely manner. Additionally, they were not expensive to work with."
~ Kate L., Veterinary Hospital

"Very pleased with service. Prompt and polite people. Very helpful with teaching our techs on new machine."
~ Dr. Summer Mobley, Mobley Veterinary Clinic

"Our new HF generator from Blue Ridge has added equine body part images we had not previously been able to acquire. The installation was QUICK and accurate with minimal interruption of our services."
~ Ed Murray, DVM, Coosa Valley Equine

"[Blue Ridge] simplified the process and made it easy. Trained our personnel and [they] were very patient and answered all questions."
~Foothills Veterinary Hospital

"I was extremely impressed with the whole crew. They were professional, kind, helpful and thorough."
~Dr. Joi Sutton, Tequesta Veterinary Clinic

"We really appreciate the prompt response time we get with any question or problem."
~Charlotte Street Animal Hospital

"Very professional and good customer service."

"We absolutely love our new X-ray machine and wish we had bought it sooner. The staff no longer dreads taking radiographs and the quality of the images is unprecedented."
~Sheets Pet Clinic

"We are very pleased with our digital X-ray. Paul Chinery was very knowledgeable, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. Buck Galloway was also very helpful with our IT questions and installation."
~Dr. David Case, Boonsboro Animal Hospital

"Great service from friendly staff! I am X-static about my new x-ray unit."
~Dr. Wendy King, Spears Veterinary Clinic

"While other x-ray products were available, Tommy Waddell and Blue Ridge X-Ray were able to fit the best system for my particular needs. Tommy, along with Jeff Creel, have provided excellent follow-up and overall I am very pleased with my decision to go with Blue Ridge X-Ray."
~Dr. Dennis Selig, Northwood Hills Animal Hospital, P.C.

"Blue Ridge installed a digital imaging system in our small animal office. We have been more than pleased with installation and training. Their availability when questions arise or when changes needed addressing has been superb."
~Jeff Davis, DVM, Plantation Centre Animal Hospital

"Tommy, our sales rep was amazing.  He walked us through every step from service, installation and following up to making sure we were taken care of.  Great Service. they are a 10 in our book." ~Latrice, Horn Lake Animal Hospital

"We were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and extra care with attention to detail in purchasing and installing our digital x-ray.  Thank you guys so much!  Blue Ridge X-Ray comes highly recommended!" ~Vista Falls Veterinary Hospital

"We're very satisfied.  Paul was excellent to work with and is very service oriented.  He has always been more than willing to help us, in a timely manner." ~Wooster Animal Clinic

"Blue Ridge X-Ray did a marvelous job of preparing and installing our Pinnacle System.  We love it and thank them very much."  Lee Bolt, DVM Sweeten Creek Animal Hospital

"Aaron was amazing to work with.  Very attentive to our needs and situation.  Our installer was also fabulous." ~Addie, Loving Hands Animal Clinic

"Blue Ridge X-Ray has been with me from the original install 12 years ago to the digital upgrade I just purchased.  They have always been helpful, friendly, and trustworthy.  I couldn't be happier with their service!" ~ Double Springs Vet Hospital



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